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Since 2006, thousands of subscribers have regularly received OTG-eTA, an e-bulletin designed as a quick-read to help build mission resources. For now, new issues of On-The-Go eTA for Sustainability have been discontinued due to budgetary constraints. You can, however, refer back to this OTG eTA Sustainability Resources landing page to access capacity building information from 77 issues created over the past 4 years. Information is organized in the following categories:

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Down below you’ll find these categories with specific topics which feature links to relevant issues. Use the Category links in the red column to the right for quick access. For a broader presentation of OTGeTA resources, enter a topic in the Search box on the right.

Thank you for being such a committed subscriber. It’s been an honor to serve you. Feel free to contact us anytime at Success@CampaignConsultation.com for quick advice regarding attracting necessary resources to further your mission.

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